Non-Virtual Shoveling

Two of my least favorite CrossFit workouts ever both involve an exercise called “virtual shoveling.” I don’t know who thought that movement up, but it’s truly awful. Today I had the pleasure of doing a whole boat-load of very non-virtual shoveling. After the bad weather the previous two weeks a large amount of snow was threatening to cave in the roof of one of the buildings on the ranch.

So I climbed up there and I shoveled. And shoveled. And shoveled some more. Two hours of shoveling later and my hands were frozen into claws and my arms felt like I’d just done a million burpee pull-up pushup push jerks. In other words: they were really tired.

Later, after unthawing in the house, I contemplated the workout I had scheduled for this evening. 5/3/1+ reps press and 5/3/1 reps of push jerk, plus the volume day on my “Get Strict” pull-up program. Yeah, right.

My arms, zey laugh!

Not wanting to put myself behind, I attempted the weightlifting portion. It didn’t go well. I eaked out every rep but just barely. I didn’t even try the pull-up workout.

Press ā€“ 5/3/1+ reps
55# / 62# / 69# (2 reps)

Push Jerk ā€“ 5/3/1 reps
79# / 90# / 100#


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