Back Squat – 3/3/3+ reps
98# / 112# / 126# (3 reps)

Box Squat
5 x 35#
5 x 65#
3 x 90#
5 x 95#

Squat Lockouts:
3 x 160#
3 x 180#
3 x 195#

Two things of note that happened tonight:

  1. I left my knee sleeves at an undisclosed location and had to squat without them. I almost hyperventillated at the mere thought of it. It turned out to be ok, even thought I nearly had a heart attack.
  2. On the third rep of the second set I leaned forward waaaaaay too much and nearly had the bar roll over my neck and across my head. I nearly had heart attack #2.

That is all I have to report tonight. I am happy to say that despite my best self-induced efforts I am not hooked up to a defibrillator.


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