Deadlifts and Power Cleans

Power Clean – 3/3/3
78# / 89# / 100#

Deadlift – 3/3/3+
151# / 173# / 194# (6 reps)

Deadlift day, how I love thee!

I caught this commercial on TV last night. At first, it made me laugh. Then I had a few thoughts that their marketing focus group probably did not intend, which also made me laugh.

Now, my first thought was: I’d much rather train with the big dude and go to the big dude’s gym than train with the skinny, pale Planet Fitness geek. My second thought was: why is the big dude drinking a gallon of orange juice instead of a gallon of milk? As if!

Planet Fitness: we guarantee you won’t get strong and you won’t have to work hard! Or work at all!


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