Bench Press – 5/3/1+
65# / 73# / 81# (3 reps)

Immediately followed by:

5 Rounds
Row 100 meters
8 kettlebell swings, 35#
16 pushups

I didn’t time it, but I think I came in just over 8 minutes. I used the red band for pushups and that is working great. It takes all the pressure off my shoulder but still allows me to do the work.

I got quite a shock when I picked the kettlebell up and swung it for the first time. It felt light. Really light. It threw me for a minute and I looked around and said something really witty and intelligent, like “Huh?” I’m apparently getting stronger. When did that happen?

That or someone snuck in, drilled a hole in the bottom of my kettlebell and made it lighter.

Not sure which of those two scenarios is more plausible.


3 thoughts on “Huh?

    • I haven’t fallen off yet, but that is always a very real possibility. 🙂

      Angie is a wise woman. That or she forgot what the rower was like. Ha!

      Steve, you really need to get on FaceBook so you know what’s going on in the world. Honestly, I don’t know how you function without it 🙂

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