Rower, How I’ve Missed Thee – I Think

In the morning:

Row Intervals
Row 1:00 / Rest 1:00
10 rounds, for total meters

2394 meters

I’ve been diligently saving my pennies for the last year and I finally had enough this fall to spring for a new Concept2 rower. 

It is a blessing and it is a curse.

If you’ve used a rower before, you know what I mean. I look forward to using it, I get excited planning the workout – then halfway through when I feel like someone dumped gasoline over me and lit me on fire I wonder what I was thinking.

Luckily, I’ve already forgotten how it hurts so good and I’m already looking forward to another devious workout next week.


(Thanks to Again Faster for the great deal and the excellent service. I highly recommend them!)


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