The Jump Rope Debacle

In the morning:

3 rounds of:
60 seconds max med ball situps
60 seconds max pushups
60 seconds max supine ring row
60 seconds max jump rope
Rest 60 seconds.

*med ball throws are completed by starting in a sit up position 6 feet from the wall with the ball extended overhead. Sit up violently throwing the ball against the wall and repeat.

Situps: 23/27/26
Pushups: 17/16/15
Ring Rows: 12/14/12
Jump Rope: 74/46/54

Total: 162 (does not include jump rope #’s)

The jump ropes were actually a sub for sprints. I had to do them in a small, narrow hallway and they were an absolute fracking disaster. I had to jump with my hands really close to my body and my timing was all thrown off. I spent more time untangling my feet from the rope than I did actually jumping.

I used the small red band to assist with the pushups and it worked great. I did not have a bit of pain in my shoulder. I’ve also been doing the K-Star Mobility WOD stuff for my shoulders and it makes a huge difference.

In the evening:

Press – 3/3/3+
53#/58#/64# (6 reps)

Push Jerk – 3/3/3



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