Back Squat – 5/5/5+
88# / 101# / 115# (5 reps)

Box Squats – 5/5/5
25# / 55# / 75#

Rack Pick-Ups – 5/5/5
145# / 165# / 175#

GHD Situps – 3 x 10

Overhead Walking Lunge – 25# plate
3 x 10

Back to basics with the squat. I really mucked up the squats and bench press my last cycle of Wendler 5/3/1 so I am just repeating the weights this cycle. I have horrible form on my squat so I am trying to activate and strengthen my hamstrings and core with the situps, lunges and box squats.

On the rack pickups I just put a heavy weight (more than my 1RM squat) and lift it up out of the rack and hold it on my shoulders for a few seconds. I’m sure there’s a name for that, but I have no idea what it is. I got the idea by watching a video of a guy on youtube where he put 1000# on the bar and just lifted it up off the pins and held it for a bit. He said it was to let his body get familiar with holding that heavy weight (or something like that.) When I test for black belt in judo I have to pick up a person across my shoulders and throw them. I don’t know who my uke will be so I want to have practice picking up and holding a heavy weight in that position.


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