I Don’t Believe I’m Familiar With That Muscle

Nage No Kata

Judo class tonight. We worked on some specific aspects of one throw at the beginning of class and then paired off to work on individual things. Shoulders and I paired up and she took me through the first 2/3 of Nage No Kata. I have previously been the uke (the one who is thrown) in a black belt test, but I’ve never been the tori (thrower.) Let me tell you, I used some muscles tonight that I didn’t even know I had.

Shoulders has about 3 or 4 inches height on me and outweighs me a bit too. I had to lift her onto my shoulders about ten times to practice kata garuma (the throws that are about 1:25 into the video above.) Wow, do I ever need to hit the squats! I would imagine even just lifting a heavy bar out of the rack and holding it on my back would be beneficial.

Also, I had my gi (uniform) hanging in the hallway by the kitchen when I cooked supper. Later when I put it on at the dojo I smelled like steak. Then after we got all lathered up I smelled like steak and sweat. Yummy.

I’m humming along on my Whole30 diet. I feel really awesome. I feel unicorns and rainbows awesome. I would probably feel rainbows, unicorns and glitter awesome if I were sleeping better. One piece at a time.

Whole30 – Day 25. Walnuts, omelette with peppers; chicken; steak, persimmon; sweet potato and pepper home fries, steak.


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Believe I’m Familiar With That Muscle

    • I’m not sure, I haven’t eaten anything (that I know of) that had gluten in it. I did get sick to my stomach when I ate taco meat at my aunt’s house. I don’t know what she put it in but I do know that some taco seasonings contain wheat.

      Stay tuned…

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