Whole30 – Day 24

Whole30 – Day 24. Sea scallops, mixed veggies; chicken, chicken veggie coconut soup; london broil beef, persimmons.

Persimmons are perhaps my new favorite thing. Creamy, sweet, and delicious. The london broil looks like it is well done, but trust me it is not. There were some lovely juices swimming in the frying pan and after I let the meat rest and I sliced it I threw it back in for a few seconds. I would not recommend overcooking this cut of meat.

The scallops, eh – I’ve always wanted to try them, mostly so I could do that cool thing that chefs do when they spoon the hot oil over them in the frying pan. It was all downhill after that. The first one I thought was fantastic, the second one not so much and the last one I had to kind of choke down. I’m just not a fish fan. Considering that I live in flyover country something from the “sea” is probably not the freshest anyway.

Like my Grandma used to say: “Well, you never would have known if you hadn’t tried it.”


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