Dude, Does That Say Yams?

Today was the most stressful day in the life of a cattle rancher: sale day. I’m convinced Charles Dickens was a closet cattle rancher, mostly because of his infamous line “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Preach it, brother.

Let me tell you, when they run all of your calves through the ring and the auctioneer starts the bidding and it goes down instead of up… well, my friends you truly know what panic is at that moment. Talk about your life flashing before your eyes. (But it’s ok, it came back up a little and our calves brought more than last year.)

On a non-depressing, nutritional update front, I had a pretty good day. I’ve lost weight since I started the Whole30 12 days ago. Enough weight that I don’t feel like an Italian sausage stuffed into my pants anymore. In fact, I was feeling pretty groovy as I walked into the sale barn. We went into the cafe, and when I ordered a hamburger with no bun the waitress didn’t even bat an eye. They brought me a lovely hamburger patty on a plate with a knife and fork. I doused it in mustard and as I cut it up a piece flew off my plate and rolled down my legs. I guess it was the universe trying to smack me down a little. Don’t get too upitty with your new pants little girl. Nothing will humble you like having to walk around all day with bright yellow streaks down the front of your pants. Thanks, Universe.

For supper we went to the best steakhouse in town, as the sale barn will buy you a free steak dinner on sale day. Thanks Sale Barn! I was prepared to eat nothing but meat – not that there’s anything wrong with that – as I know the salad dressings are a no-go and potatoes are practically illegal. But as I perused the menu I saw one word that confounded me: yams. Yams? At a steakhouse in the middle of South Dakota? Yams? I had to look at a few times. Yams? I asked people at other tables, just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Dude, does that say yams?

Indeed, they now serve yams. Score!

So I got the biggest steak I could order without feeling like I was on Man Vs. Food, and a huge baked sweet potato. I ate half of everything and took the rest home for breakfast.

Thanks Universe!

Whole30 – Day 12: Chicken, guacamole, apple; hamburger patty with mustard; sirloin steak, baked yam.

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