You Don’t Eat Anything!

Whole30 – Day 8: Chicken, peppers, guacamole; beef stew; ribeye steak, green beans; Key Lime Pie Larabar

I had an interesting conversation with my mother today. She knows about my Whole30 experiment, she knows I can’t eat a lot of things I used to eat, and I’ve been trying to explain this whole rationale to her. 

We were talking about Larabars, and I told her I could eat them but only in moderation. “Why?” she said. “They are just fruit and nuts, aren’t they?” Then I tried to explain sugar tantrums to her. I asked her why she drinks chocolate milk for breakfast every morning, suggesting perhaps because she was indulging her brain in a sugar tantrum. Nope, she insisted. I drink it because I like it, not because I want it. I rolled my eyes just a bit, then moved on to chocolate. Same thing, she eats it because she likes it. Period. Her brain does not, I repeat, does not jerk her around.

The conversation got more intense and more heated by the second. Finally I threw it out there that if she had such strong will power and could give up her sugary foods at the drop of a hat, perhaps she should do a Whole30. That little titbit ended the conversation but fast, with her yelling “But you don’t eat ANYTHING!” She turned away and found something very interesting to examine on the table top, and I just left the room.

Alrighty, then. No sugar tantrums there.


2 thoughts on “You Don’t Eat Anything!

  1. in order to cut out all that stuff, you have to be committed. I don’t think someone can go half effort and make it through the first week.

    • I agree. You have to want it, and you have to realize if you are cheating you’re only cheating yourself.

      I was trying to get her to see that she has an emotional attachment to food, but as usual she’s bull-headed and will not admit she’s wrong. I didn’t even bring up the Diet Pepsi!

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