The Lesser of 88 Evils

Whole30 – Day 7. Scrambled eggs and apple; Dairy Queen 1/2 lb Grillburger, minus the bun, veggies and cheese; chicken, peppers and guacamole; beef stew.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. The day my extended clan gathers at the local purveyor of food-like substances, Dairy Queen, to chew the fat and imbibe Blizzards. So what’s a Paleo, Whole-30 girl to do? I considered the grilled chicken salad, but the dressing is a nightmare concoction that the witches may have been stirring in the cauldron when MacBeth gained the murderous glint in his eye. Don’t believe me? Then go check it out for yourself, but if your significant other starts muttering something about getting the damn spots out, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I ended up going with the 1/2 lb. Grillburger and I threw away everything but the meat. I slathered it with mustard, then dipped it in mustard and gobbled it down. Mmmmm.

Seriously though, as far as fast food goes DQ isn’t that bad. When I’m not being totally anal about my food I think the Flamethrower is primo.

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