Get Behind Me Satan, Err… Cookies

Today was busy. Busy, busy, busy. I ran around in a panic most of the morning, trying to get all my projects tamped down to a reasonable level before I headed out of town at noon. I had to go back to the ranch – back to Mom’s house – for the weekend.

For a lot of people, me included, Mom’s house equals comfort food. Cookies fresh out of the oven, mashed potatoes, a freezer full of ice cream. Sigh. So when I walk in the door this afternoon, what do you suppose is covering the kitchen counter? Yes, exactly right, cookies, cake and bread. All homemade, all fresh.

A while back Whole9 did a great post about “sugar tantrums.” Well, my brain threw the mother of all sugar tantrums when I saw that pile of delicious baked goods arrayed across the counter. An all out, throw your self down in the middle of the supermarket aisle and bang your hands and feet kinda sugar tantrum. I wanted to cram that stuff down my pie hole so bad I actually ached.

It was so sudden and violent that it actually surprised me. It almost literally knocked me off my feet; I had to go sit down and tell my brain to cool it. This is my fifth day on the Whole30 and I haven’t had one single craving for any of that stuff so far. It’s probably a combination of me being really hungry, the psychological associations that home has with food, and the fact that my mama’s an out of this world baker. She’s got skillz, yo.

Luckily, I had packed a lunch of chicken, strawberries and pecans to eat in the car on the way over. Also luckily, we had to go outside right away and do a bunch of ranch work. I was far, far away from the satanic baked goods until supper. There also happened to be a two pound pack of hamburger in the fridge, half of which I ate for supper.

That crisis averted, I made the mistake of trying to cram a workout in at 9:00 pm. It didn’t go well.

Bench Press – 5, 5, 5+
56# / 64# / 73# (3 reps)

Power Snatch – 5, 5, 5
49# / 56# / 63# (4 reps)

My shoulder is apparently not fully healed yet, as the bench press tightened it up. My sphincter tightened  in direct proportion as I panicked. Then, instead of being smart and quitting for the night, I decided to squeeze in some power snatches. Maybe my sphincter was squeezed so tight I wasn’t getting oxygen to my brain. On the fourth rep of the last set I hurt my other shoulder. Hopefully it’s not too serious, as I’m looking forward to my sphincter unclenching.

Whole30 – Day 5. Chicken, strawberries, and pecans; apples, hamburger patties with jalapeno and dijon mustard. 

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