The Salad Dressing Chronicles, Vol. 2

Whole30 – Day 4. Today’s Food: Hamburger patty with dijon mustard; jicima and pecans; strawberries; green leaf lettuce, red cabbage, peppers with coconut mustard dressing, steak; chicken, peppers and guacamole.

After the disastrous olive oil/lemon juice dressing debacle earlier this week, I decided to go creamy this time. Tonight I tried a combination of coconut milk and mustard. It didn’t come out half bad – I finished the whole salad, at any rate. Not that I particularly like coconut milk, or even coconut for that matter, I just like it better than olive oil and lemon juice.

Coconut Mustard Dressing

Tonight was a judo night. It was a good practice – we had an equal number of black/brown belts and lower belts, so we paired off and went over Seoi-nage and Uchi-mata. Sometimes I get down on myself and I think I don’t know what the heck I’m doing, but when I can work with one person and break a technique down into steps and sections, I find all kinds of knowledge I didn’t know I had. I really like these types of classes. I like the burners too, but my favorites are the ones where you can take a few techniques and really get into them.


2 thoughts on “The Salad Dressing Chronicles, Vol. 2

  1. Good job, Tami! Keep up the Paleo eating 🙂 We’re doing a Paleo Challenge at CrossFit Rockwall right now and Beau told me about your blog. Good luck the rest of the way!


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