The Whole30 – A New Start

Today I am starting on the Whole30 3.0 30 day eating challenge. I’ve tried this before, and had moderate success – but ultimately didn’t get anything out of it because I allowed tiny cheats like dark chocolate, energy bars and sausages with tiny amounts of corn syrup. Well, not this time, this time I am going hard core and hopefully I will see better results.

I did panic a bit this morning as I was suddenly struck by the thought “What the hell am I going to eat?” No bacon, no sausage, no mixed nuts (turns out they are roasted in peanut oil), no pork chops (thanks to a 15% injected solution of crap.) After a trip to the grocery store I calmed down a little bit as my cart filled up with stuff I could actually eat. Thank God, it looks like I won’t starve to death.

I felt a little bit like the author of “The Wild Life”, hunting and foraging through the grocery store in search of real food. I came up with chicken (added ingredients, but all the chicken has that), wild caught salmon (miracle!), lemons, strawberries, vinegar and olive oil for dressing, mixed veggies in a steamer bag, guacamole, peppers, apples, jicima, red cabbage, and green leaf lettuce. From home I have eggs and grass fed beef.

I think I’ll live.

My workout this morning was:

Press – 5, 5, 5+
45#/52#/60# – 8 reps

Push Jerk – 5, 5, 5

Complete 5 rounds for time:

10 Overhead Walking Lunges w/ 25 lbs plate (5 each leg)
10 90 degree rotational box jumps (right & left counts as one rep) 13 inch box
10 Strict Pull Ups (jumping)

Rest 45 seconds between rounds

*On lunge, back knee has to touch the ground to be counted.
*For rotational box jumps, start by facing the box, jump and rotate to the right 90 degrees landing on the box. Step down and jump again, this time rotating 90 degrees to the left landing on the box. One jump to the right and one to the left counts as one rep. Start and land in a good athletic position.

1:47 / 1:48 / ? – forgot to set timer / 1:48 / 1:38

Not sure why my time is 10 seconds faster on the last round. I certainly wasn’t trying to be faster, and it didn’t feel like I was. Eh, weird. In my mind, the rotational box jumps were much scarier than they actually were. They turned out to be kind of fun.

What I ate today:

Clockwise from the top left: Four scrambled eggs, handful of grapes, 4.8 grams fish oil, 5000 vit.D3; grilled chicken, handful of pecans; leftover chicken sautéed with peppers, guacamole; two strawberries. All meat and the eggs were cooked in coconut oil.


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