PR… Again.

Find clean and jerk one rep max (1RM):

63# x 5
83# x 3
103# x 1
113# x 1 (jerk PR)
118# x 1 (clean only)
120# x 1 (clean only, PR)

I’m finally – finally – coming out of the sickness that has had me pinned to the mat for the last two months. This week is the first since then that I actually don’t have a heavy blanket of fatigue laying over me. Hopefully, if I eat right, sleep lots and work out smart I will keep feeling better and better.

Tonight I searched for my clean and jerk one rep max. I worked up to 113#, which I got for both lifts. 113# is a PR for me in the jerk. It was an ugly jerk and my shoulder made some alarming gristle grinding noises. I took the hint and called that good. 

I had a bit left in the tank for the clean, and I went for 120#. I was nervous. I paced. I fidgeted, picked at dust on the floor, set up, gripped the bar, decided I needed chalk. Deep breath. Flapped my arms like Michael Phelps. I grabbed the bar, set my feet, carefully took a hook grip. Then, pull, pull, pull… explode! Surprise as the bar comes up somewhat to shoulder level. Shit! Quick, under the bar! My left leg shoots out in front, my elbows whip under. I made it! PR! It was ugly, but it went up. 

In the end, that’s all that counts.


3 thoughts on “PR… Again.

  1. I think I’ve just started a sickness.. Hopefully it won’t last 2 months, I only have 2 months to get my muscle-up before the end of the year.

      • Katie and I are in the middle of a Paleo Challenge, so we are eating extra strict, hopefully that will make a difference.

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