PR – For Reals!

Mise en place – weightlifter style.

Workout: Find one rep max (1RM) in the deadlift.

123# x 5
143# x 5
172# x 2
193# x 1
213# x 1
223# x 1
228# x 1 (PR)
228# x 1 (forgot to load extra weight)
230# x 1 (PR)

I was pretty stoked about this – it’s a 5# all time PR, and it’s up 7# from the last time I tested my 1RM (July 6, 2010.)

I’ve been having a blah week. I’m unmotivated, eating a crap load of ice cream and cookies, and generally being a grump. I planned on going to the Y this morning to hit some heavy farmer’s walks and the rower, but I woke up feeling vaguely misanthropic, so I didn’t go. Then I saw this video:

Which I thought was just about the awesomest thing since sliced bread, until I figured out this was apparently her second set of ten reps. The first set was at 297 pounds and is posted below.

I don’t have enough adjectives of exclamation to describe the awesomeness of Cara Heads. Amazing. My new hero.

Anyway, that motivated me to get up of my lazy misanthropic butt and do some deadlifts. And since I ended up stoked afterwards, I am obligated to also post this video (warning, multiple F-Bombs dropped):



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