DIY Bench

I recently went into therapy to overcome my bench press-a-phobia (not really, I’ve never been to therapy, though clearly it couldn’t hurt.) Now that I am actually working on the said lift, I found that I need a bench. Imagine that. As I have stated before, I live in a small town, and if your equipment cannot be procured at WalMart, the only other option is the internet. Ordering heavy fitness equipment on the internet means huge shipping prices. Luckily, I inherited my “I can make that out of junk I found in the garage” personality trait from my dad, so I made myself a bench from junk I (mostly) found in the garage.

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6 thoughts on “DIY Bench

  1. For your safety I’d like to see a brace tying the two legs together down low. It is strong right now in compression, but not that strong in shear. The brace would help a lot.

    Long time no see! How you been?

    • Ha, thanks Beau. I inherited that trait from my rancher dad. If he would have won the lottery he would have just built a bigger shop, bought a new welder and maybe a pipe bender and he would have kept making his own gates and such. Just like him, I like to build stuff.

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