Soggy Bottom Girl

The CrossFit Football workout this morning was:

Complete 10 rounds of:
Sprint 50 yard

*Rest 30 seconds between sprints

Since I was in town and not out in the boondocks I thought, “Hey, I’ll go to the football field! It’s conveniently marked every five yards!” So I get in my car and toodle on down to the high school football field. Except that I forgot that it’s Friday. Friday means football. They were painting the numbers on the field and I’m pretty sure they would have hog tied me and painted me green and white if I’d have tried to run there. Which would have sucked, because I’m a Brave and not a Gov.

I thought, “Well, I’ll just run on the million dollar track.” No go. They had it barricaded off. Fascists.

So I went to Plan B: the practice field by the high school. Except when I got there it was full of football players. Isn’t this a school day? Sheesh, you’d think we were living in Texas or something!

So I went to Plan C: the soccer fields. Luckily, they were vacant. Unluckily, they were saturated with water from the heavy rains the day before. Ah well, soggy, but workable.

I’m guesstimating that I actually ran 50 yards, as I have no clue about the dimensions of a high school soccer field. I just paced it off and started running. My fastest time was 9.3 and my slowest was 10.8. I think the 9.3 was slightly downhill, as all my times run in that direction were consistently faster. Then I tried really, really hard not to puke.


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