Press – Week 2, Cycle 5
3 reps @ 70% – 53#
3 reps @ 80% – 60#
3+ reps @ 90% – 68# (5 reps)

Push Jerk – Week 2, Cycle 5
3 reps @ 70% – 66#
3 reps @ 80% – 76#
3 reps @ 90% – 85#

Conditioning Workout:

4 rounds for time
10 supine ring rows
61 single unders


The conditioning workout was not metabollically taxing, mostly because I’m not strong enough to string the ring rows together past the first round. I was breathing hard, but at no point did I curse my parents for bringing me into the world. Which is fine, because right now I’m more interested in building strength than speed.

The lifts were great, except that I had to do them in my makeshift outdoor patio gym. I haven’t been back to the Y since March, and I wasn’t impressed when I was there last. Small, cramped, crowded weight room 2/3 filled with Nautilus equipment and a cardio area crammed with approximately 435 treadmills and 267 elliptical machines. The only useful pieces of equipment, the C2 rower and the AirDyne bike are ancient, falling apart and crammed into a dark and dusty corner.

I don’t know, maybe they’ve changed, though I doubt it. They did have big plans to cover the old pool up and make it a new weight room, which could have possibly been awesome, but most likely would have sucked because they would have just bought more Nautilus gear. According to one of my judo buddies they scrapped that plan because the old folks who are stubborn and set in their ways refused to swim in the brand new fantastically awesome aquatic center. The new pool is bright, happy, and clean. The old pool is dark, dirty, smelly and downright scary. Makes sense to me.

At any rate, I also made it back to judo tonight. It was a blast. We did all ground work: pins and chokes, followed by 15 minutes of back to back ground sparring. In jui-jitsu I believe this is known as “rolling.” Good stuff.


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