Still Down For The Count

Squat 3 x 5 – 110#

Press 3 x 5 – 71#

My cold is still hanging on with a blood sucking tick-like mentality. (Can a cold have a mentality? Not sure about that one, maybe it’s the cough syrup talking.) When I was in college I had bronchitis really bad and now every time I get a cold it ends up in my lungs. It’s just like that little green guy in the Musinex commercials that brings his suitcase and his framed picture of Mama Mucus and moves right in. Little cretin.

I feel like someone unplugged my battery charger and I’m down to a half a bar. In other words, I’m exhausted, even though I’ve spent the last two weeks doing little more than laying on the couch hacking up pieces of my lungs.

I got tired of waiting to feel better so I decided to hit a workout today. I was planning on doing the 110# squats as part of my warmup, but after the first set I decided that would do just fine for today. I don’t know what happened on the presses. I lost my mind a little there and went up instead of down, as I should have. I made all the lifts (which I think would be a PR) but I tweaked my shoulder. Genius. So no metcon for me today.


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