My GHD Is Tenuous At Best

Pull-ups – 3 x max
4/4/3 (jump, hold, negative) 

Power snatch – 8 x 2
73# on all sets 


10 rounds for time:

3 deadlift, 173#
5 pushups
5 GHD situps 


The contraption pictured above is my homemade GHD. It consists of some pads scavenged off of an old bench, one of those useless exercise balls stuffed into a plywood plyo box, and an irrigation valve cover box to keep the whole thing from sliding around while I flail away at my situps.

Tenuous would be a good word to describe the whole thing. It takes a bit of practice to actually balance on the ball as you swing up and down. That’s got to be good for something. On the other hand, it could just be dangerous.

Most likely the latter.


2 thoughts on “My GHD Is Tenuous At Best

    • Hmm, not sure if that’s a good idea. First of all, me in a video? Uhh, no. Second, I have enough trouble using the infernal contraption without having a video camera to worry about. The hypothetical video would end with me hypothetically in the emergency room.

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