Deadlift – Week 3, Cycle 4

5 reps @ 75% – 153#
3 reps @ 85% – 173#
1+ reps @ 95% – 193# (5 reps)

Rest a few minutes, then:

On the minute for 10 minutes:
2 – 68# power snatch

Rest a few minutes, then:

Run 1/4 mile barefoot (on treadmill) x 2 (4:00 rest)
2:59 / 2:38

The deadlifts felt fantastic. The best I have felt on this lift since last summer. Finally, some progress!  I felt stronger on the snatches as well. My shoulders are a bit fried from yesterday, but it still felt great and five pounds heavier than last time to boot.

Then I did a lil’ sperimentation with some barefoot running. I must admit, it intrigues me. It just seems so, free, or something. I have been having dreams about running down our gravel road at the ranch barefoot. Sometimes Dave Castro is there with his microphone doing some reportage, too. (Not sure where that comes from, but it makes more sense than the guys wearing lederhosen on stilts playing accordions.)

Feel free to psychoanalyze.

Anyway, I suck at running, as you can see from my times. I tell people this, and they are like “Yeah, whatever.” Then I run with them and they look at me with a kind of horror. I told you, I am a lumbering beast. I was not being facetious.

I do remember having one really clear thought while I was in the middle of the snatch part of the workout. I thought, “God, this is fun.” I really do love working out. I don’t lift massive amounts of weight, I run slower than a wilderbeast, and I’m probably never going to have a six pack (excepting the one I can buy at WalMart in the beverage section.) But I’m lucky that I have a place to work out, I can afford barbells and bumpers, and I’m healthy enough to do the things I want to do. 

What more can you ask for?


5 thoughts on “Bare

  1. I’ve been toying in the “barefoot Running” realm now for a little while.. I really like it (I have some Vibram KSO’s), but it’s not something that most people can just do without building up some resistance to it.. Running barefoot uses a lot of muscles and nerves that atrophy from non-use because of our shoes. I’m guessing that the miles and miles I have in my trusty Tony Llama’s probably saved me from more pain than non-country folk..

    After getting used to running without much cushion, running shoes will feel like pillows strapped to your feet.

    • Yeah, I know all about taking it slow. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way. Back when CrossFit Endurance and Pose first got popular with the CF community I bought a pair of cross country flats and promptly ran a 5k in them. Suffice to say, I screwed myself up good. That was a couple of years ago and I still have trouble with plantar facitis.

      However, I had been running quite a bit before that in regular running shoes and I tore ligaments in both knees. So pretty much I am a disaster waiting to happen when it comes to running. Not sure why I keep wanting to do it.

      • Are you a heel-runner or a toe-runner? You can’t run on your heels barefoot.. I think P.O.S.E. has got it right.. I wish I could do it better.

  2. When I run with regular running shoes I’m pretty sure I heel strike. Hard to tell because of all the flailing. When I run barefoot I definitely am a mid to forefoot striker. I do like the barefoot running. It feels natural and it doesn’t hurt my knees at all, torn ligaments and all. I may invest in some Vibrams, because I’m positive the Y would have a conniption if I tried to run barefoot on the track or treadmill there this winter. Not that I want to anyway, that place is a bit grody…

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