The Devil’s Tricycle

Clean & Jerk – Week 3, Cycle 4

5 reps @ 75% – 83#
3 reps @ 85% – 93#
1+ reps @ 95% – 103# (1 c&j, 1 c, 1 j – fail)

Conditioning Workout:

Tabata bike – stationary bike

20 seconds on/10 seconds off for 8 rounds- 6th gear (highest gear)

1.584 km

This was supposed to be yesterdays workout, but alas, mi vida loca popped up again and I worked from sunup to sundown (literally, uphills both ways as well) and didn’t get it in. The conditioning workout was supposed to be 15 40-meter sprints, but my knees are flaring up so I decided to go with the bike instead.

After a recent post by OPT on his site about the Schwinn Airdyne being one of the most badass piece of equipment ever (and not-so-affectionately dubbed “The Devil’s Tricycle” in his gym) I thought maybe it would be a fitting substitution.

Now that it’s over, let’s just say that I totally agree with the associations with the lord of the underworld. Ouch. I’d hate to do that for all of eternity.


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