Greatly Underestimated

Press – Week 3, Cycle 4

5 reps @ 75% – 60#
3 reps @ 85% – 68#
1+ reps @ 95% – 76# (2 reps)

Conditioning Workout:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes:

20 Overhead Walking Lunge 25 lb plate
10 Ring Dips

*Plate has to be locked overhead with straight arms. 
*10 lunges with right leg, 10 lunges with left leg.
*Back knee has to touch the ground to count as a rep. 

4 rounds + 16 lunges

I greatly underestimated how much the overhead lunges would take out of my arms. The first set of dips were quite a shock. I was also kind of surprised that I could actually do the overhead lunges. I can’t quite get the hang of doing lunges with a barbell on my back, but these weren’t too bad as far as coordination and balance were concerned. 

I never know what to expect from myself. Things I don’t think I can do, I can do; things I’m positive I have nailed I can’t even touch. Crazy.


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