Sprints and Deads!

Deadlift – Week 1, Cycle 4

5 reps @ 65% – 130#
5 reps @ 75% – 153#
5+ reps @ 85% – 173# (5 reps)

Accessory work:

Weighted Step Ups:
1 x 10 – 50#
2 x 10 – 60#

50 walking lunges

Good Mornings:
1 x 10 – 50#
1 x 10 – 603

Conditioning Workout: 

Complete 2 rounds:

100 yard Sprint
80 yard Sprint
60 yard Sprint
40 yard Sprint

*rest 30 seconds between sprints.
*rest 60 seconds between rounds.

My times on the 40’s were 9 seconds and 9 seconds.

My legs felt like they were going to fall off. I’m glad they didn’t, it would have been expensive to get them reattached. 

Also, I did these outside and I made the mistake of not tying the dog up. He ran on the back of my heels and right in front of me on the first few sprints. I almost bit the dust a couple of times. That would have also likely required expensive surgery to fix. Luckily, he was smart enough to realize that nothing was actually happening and he just laid down and watched with amused detachment from there on out.

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