Press: Deload Week, Cycle 3

5 reps @ 40% -42#
5 reps @ 50% – 53#
5 reps @ 60% – 63# 

8 Rounds – 50 meter farmer’s walks, 35#
90 seconds rest between rounds

The presses seemed a bit heavy for deload week. But I thought, “Hey, I must be getting stronger, cause deload week is going up.” Turns out I did the deload workout for the clean and jerks, and not the presses.


Ah well, whatever.

Since it’s deload week I am not doing the CrossFit Football workouts this week. I thought about doing it and scaling it way back or doing it half intensity, then I realized that I would never do that. I’d start the workout and pretty soon I’d be going full bore, so I’m not even going to tempt myself.

I finally decided to get a hold of myself and get back to eating healthy. Health-ier, anyway. I set a bunch of goals for myself, which I may or may not share here. I printed them out and taped them to the inside cover of my workout log. When I’m tempted, I can just look at that and decide if whatever siren is calling to me is worth the setback that will ensue.

On that note, here is what I ate today:


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