Farmer’s Walks

Complete 8 rounds of:

50 yard Farmer’s Walk

*Rest 90 seconds between efforts. 
*Go as heavy as possible.
*Count a penalty for dropping or setting weight down during the 50 yards.
*Perform 1 burpee for every penalty. 

This is a CrossFit Football workout. I used two cinder blocks, which I estimate weigh in at around 30-35 pounds each. Not nearly heavy enough, in my opinion. This was not difficult workout at all. I was never even remotely close to dropping them, and so had no burpee penalties. Which also means, I didn’t do this right.

I don’t have enough 1″ weights to make heavy dumbells so I used the blocks. I should have scaled it by doubling the distance. I went back later and tried that and it would have been a doozy of a workout.

Ah well, live and learn.

The dogs accompanied me on this little adventure, and on the first carry they took off running and jumping beside me. “Yes! We’re leaving! Woo-hoo!” Then I sat down and rested my 90 seconds, and they looked at me quizzically. “We aren’t leaving?” Then I went back the direction I came from. “We’re going back?” Then I rested and went the other way. “We’re leaving! Again!” The border collie lost interest and wandered off by round #3, but the English Shepherd stuck with me to the end, mostly because I scratched his ears while I was resting. Never pass up an opportunity to get your ears scratched, even if you have to do farmer’s walks.


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