5/3/1 Press – Cycle 3

Shoulder Press – Week 1, Cycle 3

5 reps @ 65% – 51#
5 reps @ 75% – 58#
5+ reps @ 85% – 66# – 8 reps (PR?)

Accessory work:

Bench Press
5 x 50#
5 x 70#
5 x 80#

Pullups 2 x 3 w/red band

Ring dips 3 x 5 w/red band

So, the bender continued today. Peanut-Peanut butter brownies that I had to make for a regular Monday morning neighborhood social get together. I can’t eat just one. I’m not kidding, I ate half the pan. I’m Chris Farley with food instead of booze.

I’m reading The Chris Farley Show right now and I recognize a lot of his compulsive bingeing behavior in myself, only my drug of choice is food. Brilliant, funny man. Sad life.

I had planned on doing the CrossFit Football WOD today, but I couldn’t get to my workout until the afternoon, and then I procrastinated long enough that it rained and I had a semi-legitimate reason for wussing out. Actually, it isn’t a semi-legitimate reason. The legitimate reason is is that I am a lazy wuss. I get so frustrated with myself sometimes.

Maybe I need to hire a motivational speaker.


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