Deload Week and a Bender

Wendler 5/3/1 Deload Week, Cycle 2:

5 reps @ 40% – 30#
5 reps @ 50% – 38#
5 reps @ 605 – 45# 

5 reps @ 40% – 83#
5 reps @ 50% – 103#
5 reps @ 605 – 123#

Clean & Jerk
5 reps @ 40% – 43#
5 reps @ 50% – 53#
5 reps @ 605 – 63#

Didn’t do ’em cause I didn’t feel like it.

This cycle’s deload week unfortunately coincided with the end of my 30 days of no grains, sugar or soy, which also unfortunately coincided with Memorial Day weekend. Bender, anyone?

It started innocently enough, with a stop to one of my all time favorite diners, drive-inns and dives: Linda’s in Faith, SD. Linda makes the best bacon cheeseburger in the world, and I do mean that sincerely. Linda’s also remains an undiscovered gem because no one knows where the heck Faith is and if they do they have absolutely no reason to go there.

So I got the cheeseburger, made it a double and threw the bun away, which in my opinion just distracts from the perfection of this beauty. However, I also got a double chocolate malt and some mozzarella sticks. 

This was after 30 days of clean eating, and let me tell you it kicked my butt. I felt like a truck ran over me. I got sleepy almost immediately, my whole body ached and I felt like someone pumped me full of air. 

It only got worse after that because it was a holiday weekend, which meant lots of sitting around and eating bad, bad things with family. 

Cake, scalloped potatoes, baked beans, ice cream, Oreos, Seven Layer Bars made with sweetened condensed milk (which the devil himself invented), eclair cake, Moon Pies, Ben & Jerry’s and lots and lots of other things I can’t even remember.

So, tomorrow starts a new Wendler 5/3/1 cycle and I have to start a new clean eating cycle or I am just going to die. I hate the way this stuff makes me feel but I am so addicted to it that sometimes I feel like a celebrity about to go back to rehab for the fourth time. I need to figure out what this hole is I’m trying to fill, and how to fill it constructively and not destructively.


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