I’m Having a Bad Cow Day

Back Squat – Week 3, Cycle 2

5 reps @ 75% – 95#
3 reps @ 85% – 107#
1+ reps @ 95% – 120# – 3 reps

Assistance work:

1 x 5 (each leg) – 50# barbell on back
1 x 10 (each leg) – no weight

Weighted Step Ups
2 x 5 (each leg) 50# barbell on back

Barbell Rollouts
2 x 10 (red band, from knees)
1 x 5 (purple band, from knees)

 Another fun filled day in the sun with the cows. We got up early to move some cows before it got hot. One heifer was missing her calf, so we looked all over the pasture and in all the pens by the barn. Two hours later we found the calf – in the pen with the heifer. He was there all the time but she’s such a dingbat she didn’t know he was there. “Oh, thaaaaaat’s my baby?”

Then we branded some calves. Just a small bunch, only seventeen. It’ll be over in a jiffy. Yeah, right. They were all wild. They ran and jumped and stomped and bellowed. One even stuck his head through a welded iron gate, ripped it off the hinges and ran off with the gate hanging around his neck. And this is a one-month old baby. I’d hate to see what he’ll be capable of when he’s full grown. Maybe we’ll sell him to the Pentagon. A new weapon of mass destruction.

Then we got all done and moved the cows and calves to their pasture for the night. We had a bull in the corral. He had been behaving badly and he was in timeout. Well, he tore part of the corral down and ran out to be with the cows. Of course we chased him, because that is what you do with bulls, you chase them. He ran all over, and finally decided he would stand in the middle of a pond for an hour while we yelled, threw rocks, and threatened to make bacon cheeseburgers out of him. 

So, that was my day.

I was so cranky that I just ate ice cream for supper. 

The end.


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