Dead Spot

Deadlift – Week 3, Cycle 2

5 reps @ 75% – 154#
3 reps @ 85% – 174#
1+ reps @ 95% – 195# – 2 reps

As good as I felt yesterday, I felt that much worse today. What the????

The deads felt heavy. Really, really heavy. I barely got the first rep of 195# up, and I thought very hard about just stopping there. But, my ego took over. I told myself gutting more reps out would make me tougher. 

Bad call.

After letting go of the bar on rep 2 I felt a sharp pain in my back. Dang it! Why didn’t I go with my intuition and just stop? Pride, that’s why. Pride. Pure and simple.

I felt awful, so I skipped the conditioning workout I had planned. G0od call, genius. Yeesh!

I spent the rest of the day fixing fence out in the pasture. Lots of very physical work. Pounding steel posts with the sledgehammer; climbing up and down steep hills while carrying posts and tools. Crimping fence splices (good chest workout!) I thought my back would feel worse, but strangely, I feel much better and it doesn’t hurt at all now. 

Plus I got to be outside most of the day and enjoy the scenery and the beautiful weather. Can’t beat that.


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