Trails Up

Back Squat – Week 2, Cycle 2

3 reps @ 70% – 88# (accidentally did 5 reps)
3 reps @ 80% – 101#
3+ reps @ 90% –113# – 5 reps

Conditioning workout:

Hike 3.2 – 3.5 miles on a trail, random sprints thrown in.

The squats felt pretty good. And yes, the “squat rack” pictured above is as dangerous and awkward to use as it looks like. I’m short, and even I have to bend way over just to rack the bar. I’m going to do some experimentation with the welder and chop saw this weekend and see what I can do with it. It’s actually some cannibalized parts from an old weight bench.

I vacillated between doing the full trail and doing some hill sprints. I have a hill spotted that looks just luscious. It was such a beautiful day that I went with the full trail so I could spend more time outside. I have the whitest legs in the tri-state area. I need more sun.

Get this, after being frustrated to no end with my failure to lose weight, I threw in more carbs yesterday. I ate a bit of Ben & Jerry’s and some dark chocolate, and finished with half an apple.

I lost one pound.


I did go to judo last night, and from my experience 1.5 hours of judo two nights a week will melt the fat off you like that. But last night was mostly spent trying to figure out the sacrifice throw section of Nage No Kata. Lots of arguing and head scratching and not a lot of physical activity. We do not currently have a teacher that knows that section of Kata, so it seems like no one agrees on exactly how to do it.

Maybe all that thinking caused me to exercise my brain, and I lost a pound of mind power.

It could happen.


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