Pressing Down on Me

Shoulder Press – Week 2, Cycle 2

3 reps @ 70% – 53#
3 reps @ 80% – 60#
3+ reps @ 90% – 68# – 5 reps

I didn’t get a conditioning workout in, and it annoyed me because I had a good one picked out that only would have taken five minutes. Unfortunately, I had to help fix fence all day on the family ranch and then we had relatives from Texas visiting so we had to leave right away. I had just enough time to rush through the press workout and we had to go.


Even more annoying, I’ve been eating clean for three weeks and I’ve lost a grand total of one pound. I was down a few yesterday, and the dinner with the relatives was a pizza and cake party. So I sat in the living room by myself all night so I wouldn’t be tempted. I consoled myself by not eating anything by thinking how I was on a roll and I made a commitment to eat well for 30 days it was going to pay off. So this morning I weighed and I gained 1.5 pounds! What the????

So I starved myself all night, missed out on hanging out with my family, was miserable and I have jack squat to show for it.

Talk about frustrating. Makes me wonder if it’s even worth it.

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