My Legs!

Clean & Jerk – Week 1, Cycle 2

5 reps @ 65% – 68##
5 reps @ 75% – 78#
5+ reps @ 85% – 88# – 5 reps

Rest a few minutes and then:

Complete three rounds for time of

10 box jumps @ 14″
7 push press (50# 1st cycle, 60# 2nd cycle)
200m run
Rest three minutes and repeat for a total of 2 cycles.

Holy cow, I’m out of shape. This one smoked me. It was supposed to be a total of 4 cycles but I knew I’d never make it through that much. Probably not the smartest thing to be doing before squat day, but thinking has never been my strong suit.

I had my Rehband knee sleeves on for the first cycle and my legs cramped up big time. I shucked them off for the second cycle and it felt better. Not enough circulation, apparently. I also didn’t go heavy enough on the push presses so I upped it 10 pounds for the second cycle. Still probably could have gone heavier on those.

Still on the low carb diet and feeling good. I gave up on the scale. The scale can go screw itself for all I care. Stupid machine.

My diet is not ideal, but it’s the best I can manage under my current circumstances. I am helping my family out on the ranch during calving season (the time of the year when all the baby calves are born.) We are a 60 mile round trip from the nearest grocery store, which is a small-town mom and pop outfit. It’s hard to keep fresh food, so if it’s not frozen or dehydrated it ain’t happening. I eat lots of ground beef (obviously), steak, roast, pork chops, ham, chicken, eggs (we have chickens too, so these are fresh and free range), bacon and sausage.

A typical day looks like this: 

Breakfast – 2 strips of bacon, 3 pork sausage links, scrambled eggs with ham & cheese

Lunch – 2 brats or 2 smoked sausage links, cheese

Supper – steak, ground beef, pork chop or chicken; lettuce salad w/blue cheese dressing, cheese, boiled egg and bacon

Snack – either nuts, dried cranberries, deviled eggs, summer sausage or a Larabar

I know, too much processed meat and too much dairy to be considered really Paleo. But, it’s all I have and it’s better than eating Oreos and Pop Tarts for every meal, which is what I pretty much did from October to April. In case you are wondering what happens when you do that, I gained 15 pounds and felt like crap.


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