Shoulder Press – Week 1, Cycle 2

5 reps @ 65% – 49#
5 reps @ 75% – 57#
5+ reps @ 85% – 64# – 7 reps

rest 10 minutes then the following conditioning workout:

21/15/9 reps of:

weighted step ups (30#)
ring dips (red band)


rest 10 minutes then:

20 minutes walking on the treadmill, 2% incline with some running mixed in.

The presses felt good – no issues there. The “conditioning” workout was just sad. I am weak. Weak, weak, weak. I worked up a sweat, but not because of the metcon burn or anything. Mostly just from me flopping and floundering around. I’m not strong enough on the pushups and dips to make this anything approaching CrossFit met-conish-ness. I could have gone a lot heavier on the step-ups. I’ve never done those before so I played it safe. They were too easy here (I held a 30# barbell across my back.)

The treadmill was penance for the bad conditioning workout. Bad Tami, bad! I took it easy on the running, just testing my legs out. I’m pretty sure I have torn ligaments in both my knees and I know I had plantar facitis last fall. So this was just a bit of gentle probing into dark and murky waters.

I did a higher carb day yesterday. It was my 13th day on the very low-carb diet. I hadn’t planned on doing the Anabolic diet or cyclic carb loading, but I’m a big believer in listening to your body. My body very clearly said yesterday “Give me some carbs.” So I obliged. I kept it clean: two Larabars (Key Lime Pie, and Chocolate), some dark chocolate (Lindt 90%), some nuts, and some baked beans with supper. No cookies, cupcakes or ice cream. I would have eaten some higher quality carbs (fresh fruit or potatoes), but we are a 60 mile round trip from the nearest store so I did the best I could with what we had on hand. 

I must say, I do not feel fatigued at all on a low carb diet. I can do judo, hike for hours, do CrossFit metcons, heavy lifting, and I feel great doing all of it. I have lots of steady, slow burning energy. Low carb agrees with me, and if I cycle in a few good quality carbs once a week I am golden.


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