Squat – Deload Week

Back Squat – Week 4, Cycle 1

Deload Week

5 reps @ 40% – 47#
5 reps @ 50% – 60#
5 reps @ 60% – 70#

Immediately followed by:

3 mile walk with the dogs. 

I hate squats. No two ways about it – I detest them. It’s just like eating your broccoli though, you gotta do it because it’s good for you.

I’ve been eating clean for 12 days now. Not strictly paleo because I have been eating quite a bit of cheese. Definitely low carb though, I’d say 40 g or under of carbs per day, and then only in the form of nuts, dried cranberries or incidental stuff, like sugar in salad dressing. I have to say, I still have the carb cravings. They weren’t too bad the first week, but this week man, oh man, have I been having food fantasies. Cupcakes. Glorious, glorious cupcakes. I’ve even been having dreams about being offered sugar cookies and having to battle with myself not to eat them. In my dreams, for crying out loud. 

I lost about three pounds the first week, leveled off this week, though I am hoping that’s because of my period. I feel so much better (other than the burning need for pastries.) I did notice one big thing: no menstrual cramps. I mean none. And I went from being pretty much bedridden every month to… nothing. That alone, makes the diet worthwhile.


2 thoughts on “Squat – Deload Week

  1. Just wanted to say Hi and sounds like your doing great with your diet. I’m also doing low carb and I wish I could say I’m not bedridden once a month. I exercise and eat right and it’s still so unbearable.

    As for cupcakes I was at a kids party and I was offered cake normally I would’ve eaten it but this time I looked at it and all I saw was flour, sugar and lard. Try dissecting the ingredients of the pastries and they won’t look so appetizing.

    Good Luck

    • Thanks for reading, and thanks also for the tip. Good advice. Those darn carbs are a hard addiction to break.

      Sorry for your troubles re: cramps. I feel your pain. I’m hoping diet does it for me, we’ll see next month. But if it does it would be a blessing, and I wish I’d known that for the last 15 years.

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