I Need To Be Punched In the Face

Military Press – Week 3, Cycle 1

5 reps @ 75% – 53#
3 reps @ 85% – 60#
1 + reps @ 95% = 68# – 6 reps

No conditioning workout today because I was busy stuffing my face with cake. Really.

I decided that tomorrow I will not eat another processed carb for 30 days. No cake, no cookies, no chocolate (sob), no grains, sugar or soy. I told everyone that I know and I also told them if they see me eating any of these things they have my permission to punch me in the face. Really.

I just have to draw the line somewhere. If I don’t I’m quite possibly going to eat myself to death. I have lots of heart disease in the family and I really don’t want to have a triple bypass when I’m 40, and that is most definitely where I am headed if I don’t nip this in the bud. Also, I’m negating all my hard work lifting weights and flipping tires by eating abysmally.

So if you see me, and I’m at Dairy Queen scarfing down a Blizzard, feel free to come on over and sock me. Really.


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