A Short Walk

Today was an easy day. It started out pretty dreary – windy, cloudy, generally yucky – but by this evening it turned into a gem of a day. The sun was out, the birds were chirping, the grass was green. Hard to pass that up, so I took the dogs for a nice little three mile hike. 

Gussy (pictured above) and I are slowpokes, and Izzy the border collie beat us home by about 20 minutes. We hobbled into the driveway to find him sneering at us (I swear, that’s true) as if saying “What took you losers so long?”

Well, excuuuuuuse us.

To recap the week – and I know, I just know, that you are dying for my scintillating weekly recap of my fascinating workout routine – I hit two of my three goals. I completed all four strength workouts (Wendler 5/3/1 rules!), and I did four good conditioning workouts. The eating however, did not go well. What can I say? Chocolate is my daddy.


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