Back Squats and Tire Drags

Back Squat – Week Two, Cycle 1

3 reps @ 70% – 82#
3 reps @ 80% – 95#
3 or more reps @ 90% – 105# – 7 reps

Tire drags:

2 rounds unweighted, 170′
6 rounds weighted, 170′ 

As always, the limitations on the squats are my knees. I could have done more than 7 reps on the last set, but things started to click and pop and I hit the panic button.

I go through the following routine on each and every rep:

  1. Take deep breath.
  2. Have wild fantasy about ligaments popping loose and flying across the room
  3. Remember story high school track coach used to tell us about the guy who was doing ‘roids and his calf muscle ripped loose and rolled up like a sardine can lid under his skin.
  4. Realize with relief that I’m not on ‘roids
  5. Wonder briefly if I was on ‘roids how much more I could back squat
  6. Let breath go, because I’m now on the verge of passing out
  7. Take another deep breath
  8. Pull elbows in and pretend I’m bending the bar around my neck, like Wendler said to do
  9. Weight on heels, everything tight!
  10. Squat 

No wonder I don’t like to squat. I’m exhausted before I even start the rep.

I’m definitely getting stronger on the tire drags. When I started doing these a few weeks ago I could only go about 80 feet at a time with the weighted sled. Today I did six rounds of 170 feet and felt pretty good. These are great for the hamstrings, and just like everyone says they don’t make you sore. I don’t know why, but it’s true. One of the mysteries of life: 1. How far does the universe go? 2. Why don’t sled drags make you sore? I think Einstein worked on that but was unable to crack it.

Ah well, it doesn’t matter. Just pull, and don’t think about it.


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