Clean & Jerk & The Tire

Clean & Jerk

5 reps @ 65% – 65#
5 reps @ 75% – 75#
5 reps @ 85% – 85#

I did 5 reps of cleans, rested about a minute, then 5 reps of the jerks. I did split jerks on the first set and they felt absolutely awful. I switched to push jerks on the next two sets and they were like buttah. I am much better at push jerks than splits. I can move under the bar twice as fast and I feel smooth, unlike the splits, where I feel like molasses. And molasses ain’t good when you’re doing oly lifts.

About an hour later I headed outside for some tire drags. I did 8 rounds for 170′ each, the last two rounds were weighted with a cinder block. The first time I did these I could only drag the weighted tire half way, and then only twice, so this is a small bit of progress.

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