Press 1 Rep Max


Find shoulder press one rep max

50# x 5
60# x 3
70# x 1
75# x 1
77# x 1
78# x 1
79# x 1
80# x 1 – Fail

This really surprised me, as I haven’t been lifting much and I assumed I would have been weaker. This is only one pound off my previous best. Due mostly, I’m assuming, to the Dan John program I had been following, even though my efforts were spastic and sporadic at best.

I’m going to have to junk the Dan John program, as I have muddled it completely (sorry Dan.) It evidently does work, as evidenced by my results today. My intention is to try (emphasis on try) to start the Wendler 5/3/1 program. Hence my need to find my one rep max in four lifts, as the whole cycle is based off of percentages.


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