Farmer Workout

I unexpectedly found myself with some spare time at the end of the day so I cobbled the following workout together:

3 rounds of:

Tire drags
Farmer carries with cinder blocks

I found the tire and the blocks in the junk pile at the ranch. I think the tire weighs about 30-50 pounds. Not exactly sure. I would estimate the cinder blocks weigh around 30 pounds. The rope for the tire is the dog leash (the dog was more than happy to let me borrow it.) The snap hook fit through the holes in the rim perfectly, and I just looped the leash through the handle and slipped it around my waist.

I’m not sure of the distance either, though I would estimate that it was around 150 feet. I would drag the tire 150 feet, rest about 30 seconds, turn around and drag it back, rest 30 seconds, pick the blocks up and carry for 150 feet, rest 30 seconds, carry back 150 feet. That was one round.

The first round of tire drags I put one of the blocks in the tire. Big mistake. I could only drag it about 50 feet at time. If my estimates of the weights are correct, then it should have been only about 60-70 pounds. I drug a 50 pound sled over a mile last week. The only reason I can come up with for the difficulty I had today is the friction between the rubber tire and the dirt road. The 50 pound sled was slick plastic on a gravel road.

The farmers carries were grip killers. I wore gloves, but I had to break up the second carry in each round as the blocks were falling out of my hands.

All in all, a great workout, and fun to boot.

Take my leash, please!


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