DJ 40 #13

Dan John 40 Workout #13

Deadlift: 173# x 2 x 5
Press: 65# x 2 x 5
Pullup: 2 x 3 strict + 2 x 5 kipping (all with red band)
Swing: 25 x 35# (kettlebell)
15 GHD situps

The deadlifts felt fine. The presses were right on, could have gone a bit heavier. The pullups were odd: the strict felt hard, almost like I’m going backwards. After I switched to kipping they felt strong, stronger than they did a month ago for sure. The swings were with a kettlebell, as opposed to my usual dumbbell, so I was a bit cautious. I have a small paranoia about dropping a kettlebell on my noggin.

Stranger things have happened to me.

I never know what kind of swings to do. I have the KB, but I have no earthly idea how to use it. I know CrossFitters do the American swing, with the bell straight overhead, while lots of KB folks prefer the Russian swing, eye level or slightly above. I must say, I much prefer the Russian, simply because it’s easier on my shoulders. I would rather be considered a CrossFit blasphemer than not be able to lift my arm above my head. 

Workouts have been sparse because I’ve been at the ranch and we’re just gearing up for calving season. The massive snowbanks are melting and turning into massive mudholes. I swear, you could fall in one and not be seen for days. “Lassie, Tami fell in the well! Go get help, girl!”

The water is out again, so we had to let the heifers out of their pen and down to a stream to drink. I took Izzy, the boy wonder border collie, across the stream to make sure they didn’t cross and take off for parts unknown. I kept him on a leash until they were ready to go back, and man, is that a workout in itself. The little guy probably doesn’t weigh much more than 50 pounds, but he’s strong! Not only is he strong, he is motivated, especially when a heifer is making an unauthorized move to the back 40. When we were ready to go I let him loose and had fun watching him work. I would love to take credit for his training, but he’s a natural all the way. Pretty much all I taught him was his name. If you ever have the chance to see a border collie in action (such as a herding competition) it is not to be missed. They are amazing animals.


3 thoughts on “DJ 40 #13

  1. My Dad had a border collie much the same way.. You talked to her like a person and she understood. I’m pretty sure she coulda did my homework for me if I asked nice enough.

    • I’d believe it. The average border collie is smarter than some people I know. Instead of “the dog ate my homework” it could have been “the dog did my homework.”

  2. Hi, I come across this site googling training log.
    From my understanding (from going to the workshop by my local RKC insturctor and watching Pavel’s Enter The Kettlebell), you need to use your lats to stop the bell from going higher than you shoulders. This way you can make the swinging pace faster.
    Good luck with your training, your log looks good. 🙂

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