Da Sled

We had gorgeous weather here today. 38 degrees! Heat wave!

I put on my hiking shoes, whistled for the dogs and went for a good long walk. It was probably about three miles total, on a country gravel road.

For about a half a mile I drug the sled (pictured above) loaded with a 50 pound bag of dog food. It’s just a simple plastic kid’s sled ($12.99 at the local feed store) that I intended to use for calving (to drag cold, wet calves to the barn.) But it works just as good as one of those fancy $150 sleds from a fitness store. I just cut a length of nylon rope and tied an extra martial arts belt into a loop for the strap. Easy peasy. Total cost probably under $20.00.

The first half mile wasn’t bad, but it was mostly downhill. I ditched the sled on the side of the road and walked another two miles. I picked it up on my way back and drug it another half mile home, which unfortunately, happened to be mostly uphill. My hamstrings are fried.

I alternated pulling techniques: straight ahead pull with belt around my waist, backwards pull, push press pull, between the legs, lateral pull, row pull, twisting side pull. Nothing scientific, just whatever I felt like doing.

Later tonight, fortuitously, a heifer had a calf that needed to go in the barn so I had to pull the dang thing for real. Luckily, he wasn’t very big and I had my technique dialed in. He and mama are snuggly warm in the barn.


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