DJ 40#11 & Judo

Dan John 40 Workout #11

Deadlift: 163# x 2 x 5
Press: 66# x 2 x 5 (fail on #5 in last set)
Pullup: 3 x 3 strict with red band
Swing: 25 x 40#
Abwheel x 5

Judo class later tonight. I didn’t think I was going to make it, but I skidded in sideways and just got there in the nick of time. After a hellacious warm-up by Jesse (who enjoyed it waaaaay too much) we split into groups to work on ground technique and standing takedowns for the higher belts.

Crusher was sensei, and she instructed us to work slowly and carefully and concentrate on having the most perfect technique possible. One of the kids had a mental block and was having a mini-freak out about breakfalling on the last standing takedown. We worked him through it step by step and he was finally able to do it without danger of cervical injury.


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