Goofy Foot Judo

This morning:

Dan John 40 Workout #10

Deadlift: 163# x 2 x 5
Press: 61# x 2 x 5
Pullup: 3 x 4 strict with red band
DB Swing: 20 x 40#
Abwheel x 5

Then tonight I finally made it to judo. I know, shocking. I walked in the locker room and Crusher and some of the girls were deep in conversation about a book. The didn’t even really look at me. I bent down to see the cover of the book that Crusher was holding, and she did a double take. “Tami! I thought you were Shoulders!” I said “So Shoulders isn’t worthy of notice?” “Nope!” she replied.

I don’t know whether to feel bad for Shoulders or good for me. Or bad for both of us.

Anyway, tonight was all left side throws. Usually, for whatever reason, we practice the majority of the time on the right side. Throwing left side is a little bit like suddenly going to England and having to drive on the wrong side of the road. It kinda makes your brain hurt. The right side is so ingrained you don’t even really need to think about it, until someone moves the steering wheel to the right side of the car and you can’t figure out where to put your feet.

Freaky deaky, man.

Obscure right handed steering wheel reference at the very end of the video. The rest is worth watching too, hilarious. Or should I say Absolutely Fabulous?


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