My Mad Rowing Skillz


3 rounds of 250 meters + 500 meters + 750 meters

Round 1 2 3
250 m 0:59.2 1:00.1 1:01.4
500 m 2:03.9 2:06.8 2:07.8
750 m 3:11.1 3:18.9 3:16.6

I had a little extra rest after the 250 meter interval in round 2. A lady got off the treadmill and came over to the dark, dusty corner where I was flailing away on the rower. I thought, “Hey, she’s gonna either compliment me on my mad rowing skillz, or ask for tips!” Sadly, it was just a high school friend of my mom, coming over to tell me I looked just like my momma and to ask me about the weather back home.


Oh well. No one offered to resuscitate me after I fell off the machine and onto the floor at the end either. Those cold, heartless bastards at the Y! Come to think of it, no one offered to do that at CrossFit either. Why those cold, heartless… Ha, ha! Just kidding. I miss my CrossFit buddies.

The last 750 meter interval was slightly faster than the one before because I found the catch. I struggle with the catch position, often dipping well below my knees and nearly in front of my feet. I kinda found the groove or something on the last round, it was definitely smoother (and faster.)

I was hoping to make it to Kyuki-Do tonight, too. However, best laid plans and all that… a client called and dropped a project on me in the afternoon that had to be done today. I didn’t finish until after class had already started. Dangit!


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