I Almost Killed The Rower That Time Forgot

Tabata Row:

20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds.

1 – 90 (meters)
2 – 83
3 – 82
4 – 87
5 – 88
6 – 87
7 – 87
8 – 86
9 – 86

Total: 776 meters

You may notice that rounds two and three are a bit slower than the others. There is a good reason for that. Right in the middle of the second interval something broke off or fell off inside the fan and clattered and banged something horrible. My heart fell to the bottom of my strapped-in shoes. I thought I broke the poor, sad rower. My only friend at the Y. Pretty much the only reason I go there. Also, I’ve only been a member for a week and it was looking like I already broke something.

And I haven’t even gone in the weight room yet.

But, whatever it was it turned out not to be a crucial piece because the rower kept on going.

It also looks like I’m not the only one who uses the poor, sad rower because the damper setting was changed. I’m glad it’s well loved. I’m also glad someone else uses it because if it breaks for reals maybe more than one person (me) will beg them to buy a new one.

They could always hock one of the 3,561 elliptical machines they have.

On a lighter note: I was watching the speed skating at Olympics last week and I heard the word “tabata”. I rewound it just to be sure I heard it right. Sure enough, one of the Japanese skaters was named Tabata. I laughed to myself. “Ha, ha. Tabata. Ha, ha.” Then I was all ready to launch into a discussion about whether or not Tabata does tabatas, but there was no one else there. More the pity.

Maki Tabata. 2010 silver medalist in team pursuit.


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