DJ40 #7

Dan John 40 Workout # 7

Deadlift: 153# 2 x 5
Press: 61# 2 x 5
Pullup: 3 x 4 strict w/red band
Swing: 20 x 40#
Ab: 30 weighted abmat situps, 10#

First workout after a weeklong battle with a remarkably snot-producing head cold. I mean, really, it’s amazing how fast your body can produce that stuff.

My warmup was to carry 160 pounds of bumper plates and other assorted equipment into my apartment from the parking lot. Luckily, I have a ground floor apartment and I can just bring it in through my living room door. Unluckily, my neighbors are pigs and I had to dodge dog shit, soggy cigarette butts (worse than dog shit, IMO), various other garbage apparently tossed out of apartment windows and three feet of snow and ice.

You may ask, what kind of ghetto slum do I live in? Answer, I don’t live in a ghetto. I live in a supposedly “nice” neighborhood populated by supposedly “civilized” people. I grew up on an Indian reservation, which depending on many people’s perceptions, is a ghetto slum. Yes, there is trash, grinding poverty, dilapidated houses, etc. But not everywhere, not everyone. Since then I’ve had people who’ve never lived on the Rez sniff to me about how “dirty” and “trashy” it is. My bet is it’s these same people literally throwing their trash out the windows onto the back lawn of a nice apartment building because they think no one is looking and they are too lazy use a trash can.

The moral of today’s story: when someone implies that the are better than you, take a closer look at their backyard. It’s probably full of dog shit.


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